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Usos de GET

Here are some of the ways it can be used:

Meaning 'receive':

When we use 'get' with a direct object (a noun or pronoun), it often means 'receive', 'obtain', 'fetch', 'catch', 'give' or something similar. 
For example:

Alice got a Valentine from a secret admirer.
Can I get you a top-up? 
He gets the train to work.
Would you mind getting the kids after school? I have to work late tonight. 

Meaning 'become':

When we use 'get' before an adjective, it often means 'become'.
For example:

I get lost every time I go to New York. It's such a big city. 
Even after she took the medicine, her cold just got worse and worse.
He got really angry when she was late for the third time this week.
She doesn't want to get old. She wants to stay a teenage forever. 

When we use 'get' with an object + adjective, it means 'make someone or something become'.
For example:

Let's get this show started.
You need to get this room tidy before you go out. 

Meaning 'travel':

'Get' often means 'travel' and when we use 'get' before a word likeup, out, away etc. it usually means movement of some kind.
For example:

What time do you get home usually?
We need to get off the bus at the next stop. 
When she gets back from work, she likes to watch TV for a bit.
Do you know how to get to the cinema from here?

Meaning 'do to ourselves':

When we use 'get' with a past particle (driven, eaten, spoken), it often has a reflexive meaning (something that we do to ourselves).
For example:

They're getting married next month.
She gets dressed really quickly in the morning.
You need to get washed before you go to bed.
His dog got drowned in the lake and he still blames himself for not having him on a lead. 



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