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Como em inglês não tem be-a-bá, alguma coisa foi inventada para substituir.

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Zac the Rat Zac the Rat How the Alphabet Got Its Order
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Peg the Hen Peg the Hen Left to Right (How We Read and Write)
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The Big Hit The Big Hit The Vowels Save the Day
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Mox's Shop Mox's Shop
Short Vowel
Gus the Duck Gus the Duck The Amazing Silent-E
Silent E
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Jake's Tale Jake's Tale
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Pete's Sheep Pete's Sheep
  Make-a-Word, Long-I Make-a-Match: Short Vowel Review
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Sky Ride Sky Ride
  Make-a-Word, Long-O Picture Find: Long-O Words
Robot and Mr. Mole Robot and Mr. Mole Chunk That Word
  Make-a-Word, Long-U Make-a-Match: Long Vowel Review
Long Vowel
Dune Buggy Dune Buggy The Lonely Vowel at the End of a Word
Lonely Vowel
  Make-a-Word Make-a-Match: Long Vowel Review
Two  Vowels
Soap Boat Soap Boat When Two Vowels Go Walking
Two Vowel
Car Race Car Race  
  Make-a-Word Picture Find: R-Controlled O
R-Control O
My Horse Glory My Horse Glory  
  Make-a-Word Make-a-Match: Long Vowel Review
Surfer Girl Surfer Girl  
  Picture Find: R-Controlled O
Y as Long E
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More Vowels
My Family My Family Y Can Be a Vowel
Y as a Vowel



A Comprehensive List of Spellings of the Phonics Sounds in English Words - for Teaching Reading 15/4/98

(To teach children these spellings, See below.)

Phonics Sounds and Spellings of English Vocabulary
a hat ff different ou noun
a apron ful grateful ou you
a(ah) father full full ou country
-a China g goal ough enough
-able lovable gh eight ough though
a-e tape gh laugh ough through
-age courage gh ghost ough cough
ai rain ge gentle ough thought
air fair gi giant ough bough
al- almost gn sign our hour
-al comical gy energy our favour
all ball h hi ous humorous
ance entrance i it ow vowel
ang sang i idea ow unknown
ar cart ible horrible oy enjoy
are beware idge bridge p popular
ation imagination ige vestige ph alphabet
au applaud ie fried pn pneumonia
augh caught ie believe ps psychology
augh laugh
aw yawn ie variety qu quickly
ay day i-e five que unique
b big ied tried que question
b (silent) comb ier funnier r reading
bb rubbed iest loveliest rh rhino
c cat ies flies rk homework
cc accustomed ies stories rr irregular
cce accept igh high s safely
ce face ing bring 's boy's, it's
cei receive ious hilarious s' boys'
ch church ir birthday se verse
ch echo ire inspire se these
ch chic ist list sh shining
ck back j jam sion revision
ci circle k kiss sion tension
cial special ke joke ssion expression
cious spacious key key ss class
cy cycle kn known str strong
cy fancy l let t top
d dot le puzzle tch pitch
dge badge less meaningless th thus
e bet ley valley th think
e be ll bell tion repetition
e (silent) plane lk chalk tious ambitious
e they ly rapidly tial initial
ea bread m mug ture literature
ea sea mb climb u fun, put
ea great mn mnemonic u music
ear dear n new ue Tuesday
ed patted ness shyness u-e volume
ed rubbed ney money ui nuisance
ed hopped ng singing ull full
ee cheese nk think ung lungs
e-e Japanese o on ur purpose
eer deer o go v vocal
ei height o brother ve love
ei receive o do w wise
ei reindeer oa coach wa want
eir their oar board war warning
el camel oe goes wor wordless
en even oe does wh whisper
eo people oe shoe wh whole
ence difference o-e joke wr written
er after oi voice x exit
er merchant ong song x xylophone
ere here oo soon y yet
es buses oo book -y funny
est bravest oor indoors -y reply
ew new or story -y- style
ey honey ore boredom -y- rhythm
ey obey y -> i funniest
f fit z zip
zz buzz


� - Phonics Rules

Table of Elementary Sounds.

Note. - Let the class, either individually or in concert, first pronounce the word containing the element, and then the element by itself, varying the intensity of the voice as the teacher may think proper ; thus, ale, a, arm, a, all, a, etc.


Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

1 A Ale

2 A Arm

3 A All

4 A At

5 E Eat

6 E Bet

7 I Ice

8 I It

9 O Ode

10 O Do

11 O Ox

12 U Sue

13 U Up

14 U Full

15 Ou Out


Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

16 B Ebb

17 D Odd

18 G Egg

19 J, G Jet

20 L Ill

21 M Him

22 N Run

23 R Bur

24 V Ev

25 W Woe

26 Y Yet

27 Z, S Buzz

28 Z Azure

29 Th Thy

30 Ng Sing


Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

Name Power

31 P Up

32 T It

33 K, C Ark

34  Ch  Much

35 H He

36 F If

37 Wh When

38 S, C Sin

39 Sh Fish

40 Th Thin

Note.-In this table, each vocal element is combined in words with all the sub-vocals and aspirates which is known to combine in the language. The class may be required to pronounce these words in an explosive and forcible utterance, both individually and in concert, until the highlighted letters can be easily and perfectly articulated in combination.

1. The sound of a long; as in bate, date, fate, gate, hate, jane, kale, lade, mate, nape, pate, rate, sate, tame, vane, wave, yate, gaze, chain, thane, lathe, shape, whale.

2. a flat, or Italian; as in bar, dark, garb, hark, jar, car, lark, mar, nard, par, raft, salve, tar, vast, waft, yarn, czar, char, lath, father, sharp.

At the time this was written there were conflicts between Webster and Worchester, both of which were in the dictionary business. (Ed Sanders' Note)

(Worchester regards the sound of a in the words raft, vast, waft, lath, intermediate between that of a in fat and a in far. But the sound of a in this class of words, though not quite so much prolonged, is considered by Dr. Webster to be radically the same as it is in far, daunt, etc.; and hence we have put all such words in the same class here.)

3. a broad as; in ball, dawn, fall, gall, haw, jaw, kaw, law, mall, gnaw, pall, raw, saw, tall, vault, wall, yawl, gauze, chalk, thaw, shawl, wharf.

4. a short; as in bat, dash, fat, gat, hat, jam, cat, lad, mat, nap, pat, rat, sat, tan, van, wax, yam, azoth, chap, sang, thank, that, shall, whack.

5. e long; as in be, deep, feet, geese, he, jeer, key, lee, need, peat, reel, see, teem, veer, we, yee, zeal, cheer, theme, thee, she, wheel.

6. e short; as in bet, den, fen, get, hen, jet, ken, let, met, net, pet, rest, set, ten, vex, wet, yet, zed, check, theft, then, shed, when.

7. i long; as in bite, dine, fine, guide, hive, gibe, kite, line, mine, nine, pine, ripe, site, tine, vine, size, chime, thigh, thine, shine, white.

8. i short; as in bit, din, fin, gimp, hit, jib, kit, lid, mix, nit, pin, rio, sit, tin, vill, wit, zinc, chin, sing, thin, with, shin, whit.

9. o long; as in bolt, dome, foe, go, hole, joke, coke, lone, mote, note, pole, rope, sole, tone, vote, wove, joke, zone, choke, thole, those, shoal.

10. o middle; as in boot, do, food, goom, hoot, coop, lose, move, noose, pool, roost, soup, too, woo, ooze, cartouch, tooth, shoe.

11. o short; as in bot, dot, fox, got, hot, jot, cot, lot, mop, not, pop, rot, sot, top, novel, wot, yon, zocco, chop, ssong, thong, pother, shot, whop.

12. u long; as in bugle, due, fume, hue, june, cue, lute, mute, nude, pule, rule, sue, tune, yule, zumie, truth, sure.

(In the words rule, truth, sure, Worchester sounds the u like o in move. But the best speakers, in Dr. Webster's view, give only a slight softening between the vocal and sub-vocal or aspirate, pronouncing the u, in all this class of words, in a less broad and open manner than the o in move, thus giving the letter its distinctive elementary sound.)

13. u short; as in but, dust, fun, gun, hut, just, cull, lull, must, nut, pun, sup, tun, vulgar, yucca, buzz, shub, sung, thumb, thus, shut, whur.

14. u middle; as in bush, pudding, full, sugar, could, bull, pull, put, would, butcher, should.

15. ow and ou; as in bow, down, fowl, gout, how, jounce, cow, loud, mount, noun, pout, rout, south, town, vouch, wound, mouth, thou, shout.

Note.- This table embraces a great variety of the combinations of the sub-vocals and aspirates; and it is recommended that the class be frequently exercised in the pronounciation of them, both individually and in concert. The letters before the colon and dash indicate the sound to be given to the combinations underlined, whose elements are to be clearly and distinctly uttered.

1. Bd:- sobbed, robed.

Bl:- blood, blind, able, feeble.

Bld:- fabled, dabbled, trembled, tumbled.

Blz:- rambles, pebbles, rumbles, bubbles.

Br:- brain, brown, bright, brick.

Bz:- describes, cubs, clubs.

2. Ch:- pitch, much, chimney.

3. Dl:- cradle, idle, middle.

Dld:- kindled, fondled, huddled.

Dlz:- candles, paddles, riddles.

Dn:- sadden, ridden, golden.

Dr:- dream, dress, drive, drew.

Dst:- coveredst, amidst.

Dz:- trades, weeds, sleds, sides.

4. Fl:- flame, fling, baffle, trifle.

Flz:- baffles, trifles.

Fn:- often, soften.

Fr:- frame, frank, friend.

Fs:- laughs, griefs.

Ft:- abaft, left, lift, soft.

Fth:- fifth.

Fts:- gifts, lifts, drifts.

5. Gd:- gragged, begged.

Gl:- gleams, glide, glory, struggle.

Gld:- tangled, mingled, struggled.

Glz:- eagles, jungles, struggles.

Gr:- grown, grand, agreed, regret.

Gz:- rags, eggs, trigs, exert.

6. Jd:- engaged, discouraged, obliged, hedged, dodged, lodged.

7. Kl:- clad, clean, club, circle, sparkle.

Klz:- sparkles, articles, spectacles.

Kn:- taken, forsaken, broken.

Kr:- creep, creek, crying.

Ks:- sacks, cheeks, necks, bricks, looks.

Kt:- expect, looked, locked, picked.

Kts:- acts, facts, insects.

Kst:- next, fixed, mixed.

Ksth:- sixth.

8. Lb:- bulb, bulbous.

Ld:- failed, crawled, told, child.

Ldz:- fields, wilds, shields.

Lf:- half, self, wolf.

Lj:- indulge, divulge.

Ljd:- indulged, divulged.

Lk:- milk, silk, bulk, skulk.

Lks:- silks, sulks.

Lkt:- Milked, skulked.

Lm:- helmless, elm, film.

Lmz:- overwhelms, helms, elms.

Ln:- fallen, swollen, stolen.

Lp:- help, yelp.

Lps:- helps, scalps.

Lpt:- scalped, helped.

Ls:- false, else, convulse.

Lst:- convulsed.

Lt:- fault, felt, bolt, result.

Lth:- health, wealth, filth.

Lts:- melts, colts, results.

Lv:- solve, twelve, resolve.

Lvd:- delved, resolved.

Lvz:- ourselves, wolves, involves.

Lz:- balls, miles, angels, jewels.

9. Md:- benumbed, dimmed, dreamed, formed,
ashamed, slammed, assumed.

Mf:- triumph, nymph.

Mp:- lamp, jump, pump.

Mps:- glimpse, camps.

Mt:- stamped, tempt, prompt.

Mts:- attempts.

Mz:- claims, beams, gems, comes, limbs.

10. Nch:- branches, Quenches, benches.

Ncht:- drenched, pinched.

Nd:- land, fond, mind.

Ndz:- hands, kinds, winds, pounds.

Ng:- sing, young, wrong.

Ngd:- belonged.

Nk:- drank, think, sunk.

Nks:- banks, flanks, thanks, anxious.

Nkt:- thanked, planked.

Ngth:- length, strength.

Ngth:- lengthen, strengthen.

Ngz:- hangs, belongs, stings.

Nj:- revenge, plunge.

Njd:- fringed, tinged, revenged.

Nkt:- distinct, extinct.

Nt:- want, sent, hunt.

Nths:- months, hyacinths.

Nts:- wants, events, tints, accounts.

Ns:- dance, expense, intense.

Nst:- against, chanced, convinced.

Nz:- pains, means, bones, ones.

11.Pl:- play, simple, reply.

Pld:- trampled, dimpled.

Plz:- apples, examples, principles.

Pn:- open, deepen.

Pr:-pray, price, prime.

Ps:- lips, drops, types, hoops.

Pt:- kept, stooped, clipped.

Pth:- depth.

Pts:- precepts.

12. Rb:- warbling, superb.

Rbd:- disturbed, curbed.

Rbz:- garbs, orbs, curbs.

Rch:- arch, march, torch.

Rd:- hard, board, furred.

Rdz:- herds, birds, words.

Rf:- scarf, wharf.

Rj:- large, charge, urge.

Rjd:- enlarged, urged.

Rk:- spark, jerk, embark.

Rks:- remarks, lurks, works.

Rkt:- merked, worked.

Rl:- girl, pearl, whirl.

Rld:- world, hurled.

Rldz:- worlds.

Riz:- girls, pearls, whirls.

Rm:- warm, charm, firm.

Rmd:- formed, performed.

Rmth:- warmth.

Rmz:- arms, forms, terms.

Rn:- thorn, mourn, turn.

Rnz:- learns, earns, warns.

Rnd:- learned, burned, adorned.

Rp:- carp, sharp, harp.

Rs:- horse, purse, scarcely.

Rst:- forced, thirst, burst, first.

Rt:- part, short, port.

Rth:- dearth, forth, north.

Rths:- hearths, earths.

Rts:- hearts, forts, sorts.

Rv:- deserve, starve.

Rvd:- served, swerved.

Rvz:- starves, serves.

Rz:- cars, tears, doors.

13. Sh:- wash, shoot, shouts.

Shr:- shrewd, shrill, shrink, shrub.

Sht:- lashed, wished, rushed.

Sk:- bask, scold, school.

Skr:- screams, scrub, screw.

Sks:- tasks, tusks, husks.

Skt:- asked, frisked, risked.

Sl:- slate, slide, sloop.

Sm:- small, smiled, smoke.

Sn:- snap, snuff, snow, person.

Snz:- persons, lessons.

Sp:- spare, speak, spoil.

Spl:- spleen. splendor.

Spr:- spread, sprightly, spring.

Spt:- clasped, gasped, grasped.

Sps:- wasps, grasps.

St:- placed, dust, stay, steal, sting.

Str:- straight, strikes, strength.

Sts:- nests, exists, roosts.

Sw:- sweet, swing, swept.

14. Th:- they, though, leather.

Th:- breath, truth, youth.

Thd:- clothed, wreathed, sheathed.

Thr:- thrilled, thrusts, throttle.

Thz:- mouths.

Ths:- faiths.

Tl:- cattle, gentle, littlt, turtle.

Tld:- settled, titled.

Tlz:- battles, nettles, titles.

Tn:- cotton, shorten.

Tr:- trade, trust, paltry.

Ts:- traits, sweets, roots.

Tw:- between, twine.

15. Vd:- saved, perceived, moved.

Vl:- evil, weevil.

Vlz:- evils.

Vz:- waves, leaves, gives.

16. Wh:- what, where, when, while, which, whisper.

17. Zd:- gazed, teased, exposed.

Zl:- puzzle, weasel.

Zld:- puzzled.

Zlz:- Puzzles.

Zn:- frozen, crimson.

Znz:- raisins, seasons, reasons.


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