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Connecting Adverbs

accordingly:  so   He was very persuasive; accordingly, I did what he asked.
also:  in addition   She is my neighbor; she is also my best friend.
besides:  in addition   I like the job. Besides, I need the money.
consequently:  so   She had a fever; consequently, she stayed at home.
furthermore:  in addition   You should stop smoking. Furthermore, you should do it at once!
hence:  for that reason   He is a good friend. Hence, I was not embarrassed to ask him for help.
however:  but   We wanted to arrive on time; however, we were delayed by traffic.
likewise:  in addition   The region is beautiful. Likewise, the climate is excellent.
moreover:  in addition   She is very intelligent; moreover, she is very ambitious.
nevertheless:  but   They are proud. Nevertheless, I like them.
nonetheless:  but   The ascent was dangerous. Nonetheless, he decided to attempt it.
otherwise:  if not, or else   We should consult them; otherwise, they may be upset.
still:  but   It is a long way to the beach. Still, it is a fine day to go swimming.
then:  1. next, afterwards   We went shopping, then we had lunch.
  2. so   If you are sure, then I must believe you.
therefore:  for that reason   I was nervous; therefore, I could not do my best.
thus:  so, in this way   He travelled as quickly as possible. Thus, he reached Boston the next day.

As indicated in the following table, several connecting adverbs have meanings similar to those of the conjunctions and, but or so.

Connecting Adverbs with meanings similar to And, But and So

Similar to And Similar to But Similar to So
  also   however   accordingly
  besides   nevertheless   consequently
  furthermore   nonetheless   hence
  likewise   still   therefore
  moreover     thus

See Exercises 5 and 6.

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