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Preposiçoes de lugar

abovesobre, em cima de, por cima de
acrossdo outro lado
amidentre (vários, mas não faz parte do grupo)
amongentre (vários, mas faz parte do grupo)
aroundem volta de, em torno de
at the backatrás (no fundo)
at the frontà frente
away fromlonge de
behindatrás de
belowdebaixo de, abaixo de
beneathdebaixo de, abaixo de
besideao lado de, junto de, ao pé de
betweenno meio de, entre (dois)
byperto de, junto a, ao lado de, ao pé de
indentro de, em
in front ofem frente de
in the middle ofno meio de
insidedentro de
nearperto, perto de
next toao lado de
offafastado de, longe de
onsobre, em cima de, em
on the leftà esquerda
on the rightà direita
on top ofem cima de, sobre
oppositeem frente de, diante de, defronte de
out offora de
outsidefora de
oversobre, em cima de, por cima de
underdebaixo de, por baixo de, sob
underneathdebaixo de, por baixo de, sob
withindentro de
Preposiçoes de movimento

acrossatravés de, de través
alongao longo de
aroundem volta
away frompara longe de
downpara baixo
fromde (origem)
inpara dentro
intopara dentro de
offde (no sentido de afastamento, separação)
ontopara cima de, em direcção a, para
out ofpara fora de
overpor cima de
pastem frente, junto, perto
roundem volta de, à volta de, em torno de
throughatravés de
toa, para
towardsem direcção a
uppara cima

Aprendendo as preposiçoes com figuras

Conceitos espaciais com figuras:
On and In (1)
On and In (2)
Inside and Outside
Behind and In Front (1)
Behind and In Front (2)
Over and Under (1)
Over and Under (2)
Above and Below
Top and Bottom
Top, Middle, and Bottom
Empty and Full
Near and Far
Big, Bigger, and Biggest
Small, Smaller, and Smallest

Exercí­cios de Preposiçoes

Teste seu conhecimento sobre preposiçoes in/at/to ou nenhuma denotando lugar e movimento. Escolha entre in/at/to/nada e clique na seta para ver a resposta correta. Test your knowledge of the prepositions in / at / to / nothing - showing place .

  1. He lives Zielona Gora.

  2. She went home.

  3. Piotrek works Gorzów Wlkp.

  4. He went his friend's house.

  5. She arrived Manchester for the celebrations.

  6. I'm going to stay home this weekend.

  7. Joanna works the hospital.

  8. Why don't we go the movies tonight?

  9. I'm going to see Hania France this summer.

  10. I arrived work early this morning.

  11. She came home early.

  12. We stayed the Mieszko Hotel.

  13. They visited England last summer.

  14. She's going to travel Finland this summer.

  15. I'll be school later today.


Exercí­cios de Preposiçoes 2

Teste seu conhecimento sobre preposiçíµes for/while/during.

  1. He's been working three weeks.

  2. I fell asleep the film.

  3. Did you see Donata your holiday?

  4. We talked an hour.

  5. He watched TV I cooked.

  6. our stay in London, we visited a lot of museums.

  7. What did you do you were in London?

  8. I think I need to study Polish a few months before I go there.

  9. I came up with a great idea I was thinking about my class.

  10. They drove through the countryside they were staying in France.

  11. He was out of work six months before he found a new job.

  12. I broke my finger I was playing squash.

  13. Please, don't interrupt the teacher he is speaking.

  14. Magda broke into tears the film.

  15. Could you hold on a few moments?


Preposition Exercises 3

Teste seu conhecimento sobre preposiçíµes in/at/on mostrando tempo e data.

  1. Let's meet seven o'clock.

  2. He was born July.

  3. I went there 1998.

  4. She'll be at work Thursday.

  5. We met Christmas day.

  6. They drove to Barlinek September 15th.

  7. We arrived in this country September.

  8. I love to go shopping Christmas time.

  9. We get up early the morning.

  10. Do you dream night?

  11. What do you like doing weekends?

  12. He's working on his homework the moment.

  13. I lived in Holland the 1990s.

  14. I'll see you a few weeks.

  15. We like going to the cinema Fridays.


Preposition Exercises 4

1 - She wasn't short, she wasn't tall; she was average height.

2 - What are you going to buy Hania her birthday?

3 - The police are looking a tall, black man who was seen standing outside the bank just before the robbery took place.

4 - The teacher asked the class to do the exercise the bottom of page 12.

5 - As a child I was always ashamed my parents because they were uneducated.

6 - I was always very good Geography when I was at school.

7 - My uncle specializes in .

8 - We arrived Gorzów at 3.30 in the morning.

9 - I didn't see you the party on Saturday.

10 - There was a lot of coughing the performance of Moniusko's 'Fairy Tale' symphony.

11 - He saw her as the most attractive womanthe world.

12 - Simon is completely useless sports.


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