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Nomes em Ingles

A variedade de nomes de pessoas nos EUA é muito grande, já que eles tem origens bem diferentes: uns são filhos de ingleses, outros alemí£es, italianos, africanos, russos, espanhois,..... Nesta música abaixo, vemos uma coleção de nomes de artistas famosos.

This is Ice Mc.
I'd like to dedicate this record to...

John Wayne, Eddie Murphy, Alain Delon
Mickey Rourke,
Woody Allen, Sean Penn, Marilyn Monroe
Whoopi Goldberg,

Fred Astaire (Oooh!)
Kim Basinger (Oooh!)
Clark Gable (Oooh!)
And Rachel Welch (Yeah)

Sylvester Stallone (Oooh!)
Peter Cushin (Oooh)
Marlon Brando (Oooh)
And James Dean (Yeah)

Charles Bronson (Oooh)
Robert Redford (Oooh)
Grace Jones (Oooh)
Jean Paul Belmondo (Yeah)

Schwarzenegger (Oooh)
Bette Davis (Oooh)
Christopher Lambert (Oooh)
Greta Garbo (Yeah)

Ci-ci-ci-ci, cinema
Ci-ci-ci-ci, movie
One two three, four

In life I like ravin'
And for the girl and you I have a cravin'
And even dancin'and romancin'
Another thing I like,yo, is actin'

I can do it, so don't accuse me
Unlike Racqua E. I like muesli
'Cause I'm a winner I'm not a loser
When it comes to those I'm a boozer

I took a horror, but that's tomorrow
And that's a film I just have to borrow
Unlike a cinema do you love people
It's gonna jump from I stand to all of you
Let's be famous, direct th load

You know I float a bit, I think I go maxine
Double braces
Being all kind of girls with pretty faces


Robert de Niro (Oooh)
Dustin Hoffman (Oooh)
Sean Connery (Oooh)
And Roger Moore (Yeah)
Ian Fleming (Oooh)
Christopher Lee (Oooh)
Lou Ferrigno (Oooh)
Clint Eastwood (Yeah)
Mastroianni (Oooh)
Alberto Sordi (Oooh)
Boris Karloff (Oooh)
And Bruce Lee (Yeah)
Chuck Norris (Oooh)
Laurel & Hardy (Oooh)
Charlie Chaplin (Oooh)
Ice MC (Yeah)


A man's sleepin' and I'm a biller
And'cause of any black, he's the killer
Oh, oh, boy, your time's over
The big boss he told me that he told you

Bang, bang, he was away
Do you remember the lady's love milktray?
The job's on, so listen to me
Two tequila out with the baby

Girls cryin', that's a lover
But ther's another man on the cover
Says:"Don't cry, take it easy
That's the only way you can please me"
Hey cookie, just relax
'Cause Ivey, let's go to the max
And he did it, how does it feel to?
I'll be the killer, the lover's so true

John Wayne (Oooh)
Eddie Murphy (Oooh)
Alain Delon (Oooh)
Mickey Rourke (Yeah)

Woody Allen (Oooh)
Sean Penn (Oooh)
Marilyn Monroe (Oooh)
Whoopi Goldberg (Yeah)

Fred Astaire (Oooh!)
Kim Basinger (Oooh!)
Clark Gable (Oooh!)
And Raquel Welch (Yeah)

Sylvester Stallone (Oooh!)
Peter Cushin (Oooh)
Marlon Brando (Oooh)
And James Dean (Yeah)

Ci-ci-ci-ci, cinema
Ci-ci-ci-ci, movie
Ci-ci-ci-ci, cinema

Nomes próprios não se traduz?

Mas eles questionam essa "tradução", argumentando que nomes não se devem traduzir, mas sim transliterar.

Lembrando que tradução é simplesmente a transposição de uma composição literária de uma lí­ngua para outra. Já a transliteração é a versão das letras de um texto em certa lí­ngua para as letras correspondentes de outra lí­ngua, isto é, fazer corresponder letras que tenham o mesmo som.

Busca de Pronúncia de um Nome: Buscar

Busca de Nomes
Pronuncias Buscadas
Nome Pronúncia
Farai : FUR-EYE
Yupanqui : YOU-PUN-KEY
Rai : RYE
Siegel : SEA-gull
Qin : CHIN
Cheyenne : shy-AN
Sadhbh : Sive
Karthik : CAR-THICK
Euler : OILER
Bellevue : BELL-view

Please tell us how to pronounce:
Johndroe      Dyott
Giesbrecht      Borysenko
Vilate      Uzzell
Sater      Makoy
Suchir      Saoriuse
Tomki      Siedah
Oriwia      Quiseng
Adventitia      Kuyck
Cadhia      Ribet
Seingalt      Govardhana
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Como se diz fulano/beltrano de tal em inglês???

The name "John Doe" is used as a placeholder name in a legal action, case or discussion for a male party, whose true identity is unknown or must be withheld for legal reasons. The name is also used to refer to a male corpse or hospital patient whose identity is unknown. This practice is widely used in the United States and Canada, but is rare in other English-speaking countries (including the United Kingdom itself, from where its use in a legal context originates ââ?¬â?? see Origin below). Interestingly, the name Joe Bloggs is used in the U.K instead. [1]
John Doe is sometimes used to refer to a typical male in other contexts as well, in a similar manner as John Q. Public, Joe Public or John Smith. For example, on various forms, the first name listed is often John Doe, along with a fictional address or other fictional information, to provide an example of how to fill out the form. The name is also used frequently in popular culture, for example in the Frank Capra film Meet John Doe. John Doe was also the name of a 2002 American television series.
The female equivalent of John is Jane Doe, whilst a child or baby whose identity is unknown may be referred to as Baby Doe. A notorious murder case in Kansas City, Missouri referred to the baby victim as Precious Doe.[1] Other unidentified female murder victims are Cali Doe and Princess Doe. Additional persons may be called James Doe, Judy Doe, etc. However, to avoid possible confusion, if two anonymous or unknown parties are cited in a specific case or action, the surnames Doe and Roe may be used simultaneously ââ?¬â?? for example, "John Doe v. Jane Roe". Other variations are John Stiles and Richard Miles, now rarely used, and Mary Major, which has been used in some American federal cases.[2]
The Doe names are often, though not always, used for anonymous or unknown defendants. Another set of names often used for anonymous parties, particularly plaintiffs, are Richard Roe for males and Jane Roe for females (as in the landmark U.S. Supreme Court abortion decision Roe v. Wade). Outros Links:

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